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How do Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared heaters in a sauna emit FAR Infrared heat which is a narrow ray band of energy and the type of energy that closely resembles the natural human spectrum so it’s easily absorbed by the body tissue. The body reacts to these FAR infrared rays by sweating, which has many health benefits, including detoxification, improved blood flow, increased circulation and weight loss.

What Does FAR Infrared Mean?

Unfortunately, it is common in this industry to use the term "infrared" and "FAR infrared" synonymously because as far as saunas go, they are the same thing.

Infrared rays cannot be seen with the naked eye. The sun puts out rays that we can see, which product light, and other rays that we cannot see - infrared rays - which produce the heat we feel from the sun on a hot day. Infrared rays can be NEAR or FAR rays and anything in between.

NEAR infrared rays, although not visible, have a longer wavelength, making them closer to the visible spectrum but they put out little to no heat. A TV remote uses NEAR infrared rays but no heat is emitted.

FAR infrared rays have a shorter wavelength, which also cannot be seen, and are much closer to what a microwave oven uses to heat food. We can feel the heat but cannot see the light. This makes FAR infrared perfect for heating a sauna.

Do Saunas Emit EMF?

Electromagnetic fields (or EMF for short) are naturally occurring fields that even the human body produces. Unlike your body, which produces very low intensity EMF, many electric appliances produce much more intense EMF, which can cause health problems.

Be careful to read the descriptions of saunas because some produce much higher EMF than others. In particular, saunas that use wires to conduct FAR infrared heat are more dangerous than saunas that do not.

SunRay saunas do not use wires to conduct FAR heat. They apply the perfect thickness of ultra-conductive carbon to an epoxy resin panel activated by positive and negative copper strips on either side. The epoxy resin panel is then laminated which results in ultra low EMF levels safe for continuous use.

How Are the Saunas Delivered?

Saunas are packaged in several boxes, which are delivered on a pallet by a freight truck, which helps reduce damage to the contents. Although the pallet is unlikely to fit through your front door, the individual boxes on the pallet will fit through any door that is at least two feet in width.

IMPORTANT: Somebody MUST BE HOME when the package arrives in order to sign for it and attest that it arrived undamaged. If nobody is home when the freight truck arrives, you may incur additional delivery expenses for having to re-deliver the package or you may even have to go pick the delivery up yourself at a place that is probably not close by.

Is Assembly Required?

You'd never be able to fit a sauna through the door of most places so yes, assembly is definitely required. Fortunately, both SunRay and Golden Design saunas are relatively easy to assemble.

SunRay Saunas' tongue and groove construction makes it easy and there are only screws and metal latches used to secure the panels to each other. The only thing you need is a Phillips head screwdriver (or a drill with a Phillips head bit).

Golden Designs, Maxxus and Dynamic Saunas also use tongue and groove construction along with metal buckles and metal guide inserts for securing panels to one another. Again, just a screwdriver is needed.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that two people assemble the sauna and it usually takes under an hour to fully assemble it.

Will the Sauna Plug Into a Regular Wall Outlet?

Many of the saunas listed here operate on typical household 110/120V current. That said, many of the saunas require a 20 amp outlet instead of the traditional 15 amp electrical outlets in most homes.

Also please note that some saunas require a dedicated outlet, meaning no other electrical appliances should be plugged into the same circuit that the sauna uses.

Please consult with a certified electrician if you decide to purchase a sauna requiring a 20 amp plug and/or 220 volts.

Can I Put The Sauna on the 2nd Floor?

Most of our saunas weight between 300-400 pounds. Although some are even heavier, none of our saunas are so heavy that they can't be placed on any floor of your home.

Can I Use My Sauna Outdoors?

Unless it is specifically labeled as an outdoor sauna, you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT use the sauna outdoors.

How Do I Clean My Sauna?

Your sauna should be cleaned every 6 months or so, depending on how often it is used. You can reduce the frequency of cleanings by using a towel to sit on while in the sauna, which will capture a lot of your sweat.

  • Step 1: Unplug the sauna and make sure it is cool before cleaning.
  • Step 2: Mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda into a gallon of warm water.
  • Step 3: Use a towel to wipe down the interior with the baking soda and water mixture.
  • Step 4: Wipe the sauna down with a wet towel and let dry.
  • Step 5: Clean the glass in your sauna with any household glass cleaner.

NOTE: If you have an outdoor sauna, use a standard garden hose on a low/mist setting to wash out the interior. Then, leave the door open so that the sauna can dry.