SunRay Cayenne Outdoor 4-Person Infrared Sauna

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Product Description

SunRay HL400D Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna Features:

  • Natural Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • 8 Rapid Ceramic Heaters
  • Recessed Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Control Panel
  • Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Ozone Sterilization System
  • Severe Weather Cover
  • 2400 Watts

The Cayenne 4-person sauna is SunRay's largest outdoor sauna. Perfect for any large deck, patio or backyard, it features a pitched roof and severe weather cover. Its clean and natural Canadian Hemlock wood is a handsome addition to any backyard.

8 ceramic infrared heaters quickly get the Cayenne 4-person outdoor sauna to your desired temperature and an oxygen ionization system purifies the air inside. Additional features include a large rear bench seat for maximum comfort, recessed interior LED lighting, an FM radio with CD & MP3, cup holders and magazine rack!

More Details:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 79" x 52" x 83"  Wide bench seating with plenty of leg room.
  • Cabin Dimensions: 69” x 47” x 83”
  • Rapid Heat Ceramic Heaters - 8 rapid heat ceramic heaters get the sauna to your desired temperature in just minutes.
  • Canadian Hemlock Wood: Smooth, naturally appealing and durable with a pleasant aroma, easy to install tongue and groove construction.
  • 7 Year Structural Warranty: Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a full 7 years.
  • ETL/CSA Certified: Meets all U.S. and Canadian electrical safety standards - 120V, 30 amp plug.

Some SunRay Sauna Features:

NOTE: Not ALL SunRay Saunas have every one of these features. Please read the full description of each sauna to determine what features each one includes.

    LED Control Pad

    LED Control Pad

    FM Radio with CD & MP3 Player

    Stereo Sound System

    Chromatherapy Light

    Chromatherapy Light

    Ergonomic Backrest

    Ergonomic Backrest

    Oxygen Ionizer

    Oxygen Ionizer

    Adjustable Reading Lamp

    Adjustable Reading Lamp

    Adjustable Air Vents

    Adjustable Air Vents

    Cup Holder

    Cup Holder

    LED Control Pad: 
    Dual interior and exterior LED control panels allow you to adjust your sauna settings from inside or out. Digital sensor with intelligent temperature and timer controls.

    Bluetooth Speaker System: Stereo sound system includes radio, bluetooth, MP3 connection and dual speakers.

    Chromatherapy Light: Digital chromatherapy lighting system uses 7 different stimulating colors to activate skin cells, promote blood circulation and ease nerve pressure.

    Ergonomic Backrest: The ergonomically designed backrests help eliminate fatigue while providing a comfortable, relaxed posture for the ultimate in sauna relaxation. The backrests are movable for added comfort and convenience.

    Oxygen Ionizer: The included oxygen ionizer releases oxygen and negative ions into the air which helps kill odor causing bacteria, keeping the air fresh and clean.

    Adjustable Reading Lamp: Recessed, adjustable reading lamps offer targeted lighting for reading your favorite book or magazine while soaking in the health benefits of your sauna.

    Adjustable Air Vents: Adjustable ceiling and bottom air vents allow you to circulate the air or cool the sauna by allowing more fresh air into the sauna as needed.

    Cup Holder: The convenient wall mounted cup holder allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage while relaxing in your sauna.




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